Tire Recycling

tire recycling

There is no doubt that recycling is increasingly present in our day to day, so much so that now anything can go through a recycling process. As is the case with tires, which would normally be discarded after changing them, but today there is an opportunity for them to live a new life.

Protecting the environment has become a global fight and there is no doubt that absolutely all organizations plan to make their contribution for this cause. This is why companies are currently considering means of aid through recycling, such as the act of recycling rubber. Giving new life to an item that would normally have gone to the landfill or worse, gotten burned.

Tire Recycling near me in Chicago

It is well known that tire recycling brings with it many benefits. Not only is it about the good we do to the environment, but with that material it is possible to make parks, drainage, construction filler and much more. Do you have some you want to throw away? We recommend these recycling agencies where you can exchange them for a little money, they are both 10/10!



Phone Number

K & S Tire Recycling, Inc.

303 State St, Chicago Heights, IL 60411

+1 708-856-0376

Freddy's Auto Recycling

4148 W Division St, Chicago, IL 6065

+1 773-394-4233

Tire Recycling nearest me in San Jose

Do you have old tires and live in San Jose? Great! These three options will be a great help to you if you want to recycle them and trade them in for a little money. Keep in mind that these are not only tire recycling centers, but also stores where they can even take a look at your car in case it has a fault - they have great rates!



Phone Number

Fierro's Tires & Wheels inc-New & Used Tires-Tire recycling

903 Commercial St STE 50, San Jose, CA 95112

+1 408-352-5060

Supercheap Tires - Keyes St San Jose - Cheap Wholesale New & Used Car Tires & Tire Recycling

88 Keyes St, San Jose, CA 95112

+1 408-449-6843

Skip's Tire & Auto Repair Center

3002 Silver Creek Rd, San Jose, CA 95121

+1 408-459-7963

Tire Recycling near me in San Antonio

Those living in San Antonio, Texas, can count on these ten recycling agencies that also accept tires. Although the value for each recycled item is unknown because it depends on the state you are in, what is certain is that they have hours of operation that go from approximately 8 AM to 6 PM; however, it all depends on the company and its customer service policies.



Phone Number

Liberty Tire Recycling LLC

6830 W Laguna Rd, San Antonio, TX 78223

+1 210-839-1857

Bracken Recycling

19068 Marbach Ln, San Antonio, TX 78266

+1 210-651-0870

Bitters Recycling Center

1800 Wurzbach Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78216

+1 210-207-6428

181 Recycling Center

11618 US-181 S, San Antonio, TX 78223

+1 210-633-9098

Recycle 5

7240 I-10, San Antonio, TX 7821

+1 832-439-7307

National Steel Recycling

802 El Paso St, San Antonio, TX 78207

+1 210-227-4687


5690 Easterling #4, San Antonio, TX 78251

+1 210-750-9055

WM - San Antonio MRF

5610 FM 1346, San Antonio, TX 78220

+1 210-253-8943

Great Northwest Recycling

7386 Grissom Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

+1 210-523-8155

ABC Recycling

267 Old Hwy 90 W, San Antonio, TX 78237

+1 210-436-5222

Tire Recycling nearest me in San Diego

Not only will you find tire recycling stores in San Diego, but they will sell used and upgraded tires. We will provide information in case you need it. Here are six options you can call to offer them all the tires you intend to recycle.



Phone Number

Pacific Tire Recyclers

552 Alta Rd, San Diego, CA 92154

+1 619-207-6468

Reliable Tire Inc

2432 Commercial St, San Diego, CA 92113

+1 619-232-0780

San Diego Tire Supply

10140 Marconi Dr # A, San Diego, CA 9215

+1 619-671-0366

Miramar Recycling Center

5165 Convoy St., San Diego, CA 92111

+1 858-268-8971

A & B Truck Recycling

2863 Commercial St, San Diego, CA 92113

: +1 619-234-5171

SA Recycling

1211 S 32nd St, San Diego, CA 92113

: +1 619-234-6691

Tire Recycling near me in New York

For the citizens of the Big Apple, we have four fantastic tire recycling agencies that also sell used tires for those who need them and are interested. This means they will always be looking for recycled tires, and you could sell them yours.

It should be noted that these places do not resell tires in bad condition, in fact, they fix them to give them a new life so that someone else can use them. Now, these are great agencies!



Phone Number

S&M Tire Recycling, Inc

7 Linden Pl, Oceanside, NY 11572

+1 516-764-2950

STB Towing & Tires

635 Junius St, Brooklyn, NY 11212

+1 718-300-7798

P & I Global Tire Solutions

1032 Creger Ave, Union, NJ 07083

+1 862-272-2784

Brooklyn Resource Recovery Inc

5811 Preston Ct, Brooklyn, NY 11234

+1 718-531-6606

Most popular Tire recycling near me in USA

The impact produced on the environment by old tires has undoubtedly drawn the attention of government authorities and business entities. That is why different companies organize themselves to receive used tires and take care of the process of giving them a new life. Either for the use of rubber items, the creation of carpets or floors and even reusing them for the creation of new rubber products.

H&D Tire Shop & Tire Disposal

H & D Tire Shop & Tire Disposal This is a premier tire repair and recycling shop. Giving solutions in different ways to the classic problems that usually occur with tires. This while considering the possibility for the user to donate their old tires to recycling in exchange for cash

ECO Green Equipment, LLC. Industrial Tire Shredders | Tire Recycling Equipment

ECO Green Equipment, LLC. Industrial Tire Shredders tire Recycling Equipment

ECO Green is a tire recycling center that considers innovation as a priority when dealing with materials. Thinking of a future where technology is prioritized in the world of tire recycling, either for the construction of new materials or for reuse.

Eco-Cycle CHaRM: Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials

eco cycle

This is a specialized center for the recycling of materials that would normally be difficult to treat and therefore are not received in all centers. This includes tires and electronics that would normally end up causing real damage to the environment in the trash.

Environmentally Conscious Recycling

Environmentally conscious recycling

Under the motto of "smart recycling" Environmentally Conscious Recycling presents recycling plans for high-risk materials such as tires, thus giving a quality solution for problems at home and in commercial areas such as the collection of unused tires. This gives tires that would otherwise get incinerated a new life.

Twin City Refuse & Recycling Transfer Station

Twin City Trash and Recycling Transfer Station

This recycling station focuses its ideas on anyone being able to donate and reuse materials of all kinds to give it a new lease of life. With a wide variety of possibilities in this field, you will find all kinds of materials that will be derived for recycling.

HAP Auto Recycling

hap auto recycling

This center for the collection of materials related to automobiles is undoubtedly one of the best options for the delivery of tires searching for their reuse. With a truly extensive inventory where not only tires but also car parts in general that can be purchased to be reused are presented.


u pull & pay

U-Pull-&-Pay is a used vehicle parts collection center that offers the opportunity to deliver unused tires for later sale. Thus, anyone who wants a tire that has been used but is in good condition can purchase it and therefore contribute to the environment.

All tire

all tire

This tire replacement center offers the possibility of donating the old ones to obtain a payment fee for the new models, thus being a brilliant option for treating tires looking to change them while contributing to the environment. Considering at the same time some of the best prices on the market when it comes to vehicle treaty.



Considered the largest tire recycling center in the world, Genan is positioned in the state of Texas as an ideal option for tire recycling, trying to solve the environmental problem all over the world that is burning tires. This with compliance with the fine quality recycling process that results in great material.

How is many Tire recycling centers can we find in the United States?

Rubber recycling in the United States is one of those industries that the government has put many eyes on because of the environmental damage caused. This is because around 50% of the junk rubber that is not recycled ends up being burned in waste fields. Which is undoubtedly truly dangerous for the environment.

That is why different agencies throughout the country have focused recently on making these figures drop in large numbers, thus promoting the recycling and reuse of this kind of material for creations whose base will be second-hand rubber that did not end up being burned.

There is a long list of uses that can be given to used tires without the need for them to end up going to waste. But what is undoubtedly worrying is that of the 280 million tires that are replaced annually, only 30 million end up being reused. Omitting some 250 million from people who are still not aware of or are indifferent to what is happening with the environment.


If you are interested in delving even further into the process that is the recycling of tires, you will surely have been left with some doubt. That is why we have prepared a selection of the most important questions regarding rubber recycling.

Where is the best place to dispose of tires?

In most cases the best place to dispose of old tires will depend on the area in which you are and what is dealt with by the dealers in the area. Thus, many of the dealers have the option of receiving the old tires as part of payment for the change, so the best option to deliver your old tires could be just around the corner.

Although this will depend on different factors, such as what they are going to do with the tires, given that although many dealers contribute to recycling, others do not. It is therefore always worth checking for what purpose the dealers are receiving these tires, thus taking preference for those who somehow give them a new life.

In this case, you can always contact a recycling company in the area and ask about certified rubber factories for the treatment of this material, thus contributing with a grain of sand in the fight against environmental damage caused by burning rubber.

How do you recycle scrap tires?

Unlike other types of compounds that are usually discarded, rubbers are not biodegradable, so throwing them away is really wrong. Since you are throwing them on land where they will spend years lying around or worse still, they will end up being burned.

It is therefore recommended that once you have changed the tires you recycle the new ones to give them a new useful life. This is possible thanks to entities specialized in the treatment of these materials for recycling, which will be responsible for putting it to good use that does not result in burning.

Thus, there are different ways to give a new life to an item that would normally end up affecting the environment through the burning of rubber. Although how you can choose to recycle it will depend both on you and on the opportunities in your area, since you can:

  • Exchange them for payment at a specialized tire dealer
  • Resell or donate them
  • Take them to a specialized tire recycling center
  • Participate in a tire donation or recycling event in your area
  • Get in touch with a garbage collection service that is responsible for collecting your old tires and recycling them

Who are the largest tire recyclers?

The largest tire recyclers in the United States are the Genan company, located in Houston, Texas. This is a business that since 2014 presents itself not only as the largest in the United States but in the entire world, presenting recycling plans where it is proposed to be a pioneer in this field of environmental aid.

But it does not stop there, as this company has 5 branches strategically distributed around the world with a headquarters in Denmark. Each one of them helping in specific points to avoid the burning of tires and promote the recycling of this kind of material throughout the world. It is so much so that it is estimated that each of these buildings has a value of more than 100 million US dollars.

Focusing in this way on reducing the damage that cars generate in the world through tire recycling. Reusing the materials for the creation of artificial sports fields and even new tires, undoubtedly leaving their mark on the fight against environmental change.

Can tires be disposed of in landfills?

EPA encourages not taking tires to landfills, as this could cause extensive environmental damage. This happens because the tires are classified as "hazardous waste" and therefore cannot end up in a landfill by personal or business entities.

Tires can accumulate gas that is truly harmful not only for the environment but also for humans. Thus, by gathering them in a landfill, this bubble effect could accumulate where the area is filled with harmful gas. It is therefore that rules are imposed that prevent them from ending up in this type of fields.

All of this promoting the fact that the tires should be donated to some entity since any other result would be damaging for the environment. Undoubtedly, this is a fight where not only organizations have to do their part, but also everyone searching to stop the environmental damage caused by tires.

What does the term green tire mean?

Normally everything related to the word "green" is considered related to recycling, such is the case of green tires. Which is simply a tire that has all the parts assembled but has not yet been cured or treaded. That is, a tire that has gone through a process of joining different rubber compounds and additives.

Production of this type of tire has increased since it is part of the plan of different governments to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, thus producing these bio tires that end up having their own characteristics that identify and distinguish them from the traditional ones. In addition to positioning them as a leap into the future that should become the best tire option.

Features like better grip, improved fuel economy, increased vehicle safety, reduced driving noise and an even longer life. Thus, they are positioned as an incredible variant for the reduction of environmental damage that traditional tires normally generate.