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Tennessee Recycling Info

Tennessee is known for its beautiful landscapes and natural resources. As a state, we take pride in our environment and work hard to keep it clean and sustainable. One way we accomplish this is through recycling. Tennessee has specific legislation to ensure we do our part to protect the planet.

Legislation in Tennessee

Tennessee has passed several laws related to recycling. These include the Solid Waste Management Act of 1991 and the Tennessee Recycling Act of 1992. These laws set specific goals for recycling and require businesses and individuals to separate recyclable materials from their waste. Violators can face fines and other penalties.

Recycling Statistics in Tennessee

According to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the state has a recycling rate of 34%. This means that 34% of the waste produced in Tennessee is recycled. This is a significant improvement from previous years and shows that our efforts are making a difference.

Interesting Facts about Recycling in Tennessee

  • Tennessee was the first state in the nation to pass a mandatory recycling law.
  • The state has over 400 recycling centers
  • Tennessee's recycling industry employs over 14,000 people

License Needed to Open a Recycling Center in Tennessee

To open a recycling center in Tennessee, you must have a solid waste permit from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. This permit ensures that the center complies with state laws and regulations.

Recycling Table

Material Amount Recycled Percentage Recycled
Paper 450,000 tons 52%
Glass 60,000 tons 7%
Plastic 150,000 tons 17%
Metal 200,000 tons 23%