Concrete Recycling Centers Near Me


The recycling of cement or concrete is an increasingly common method to reuse debris resulting from some demolition or purely leftover products in a construction work. Thus, it is an excellent method to avoid having these materials present a real nuisance and eat up space.

Although concrete as such cannot be naturally recycled, these extracted components can be used for reformulation. By this, we mean that this could be taken as an addition to a stronger mix to be made. Thus, not only is it a more natural aggregate, but it is also relatively cheaper than other kinds of constructions.

Concrete recycling near me in Chicago

Definitely, the growth that the recycling industry has had is incredible. So, if you intend to recycle concrete in Chicago, here are 10 recycling centers where you can do it. The hours of operation are usually between 8 AM and 6-7 PM; however, some of these options have 24-hour service.



Phone Number

Greenway Recycling Services LLC

2100 S Kilbourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60623

+1 773-522-0025


 3152 S California Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

+1 773-579-1200

City of Chicago Drop-off Center

1758 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60616

+1 312-744-5000

City of Chicago-Division 1

6441 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

+1 312-744-3099

North Park Nature Center Recycling Drop off station

5801 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60646

+1 773-821-1351

Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility

1150 N North Branch St, Chicago, IL 60642

+1 312-744-3060

Concrete recycling nearest me in Phoenix

In Phoenix there are several recycling centers where you can exchange your concrete for cash or simply donate it. Although, there are also junk companies dedicated to this service, but they don't exactly recycle this material once you drop it off. Either way, we present the two options for you to choose the most appropriate one according to your criteria. Keep in mind that we will leave you with companies with scores between 4 and 5 stars, awarded by their customers.



Phone Number

Junk King Phoenix

 2115 W Shangri-la Rd Suite 6, Phoenix, AZ 85029

+1 480-719-4471

RZR Recycling

22380 N 20th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

+1 623-869-0021

Rio Salado Landfill Co

3635 S 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009

+1 602-253-4891


 5 S 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009

+1 602-269-1222

Friedman Recycling

3640 W Lincoln St, Phoenix, AZ 85009

+1 602-269-9324

E-Z Money Recycling LLC

1234 S 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

+1 602-253-4534

Junk Rescue

19305 N 28th St STE #611, Phoenix, AZ 85050

 +1 480-719-0611

Garage Rescue and Junk Removal Phoenix


+1 480-251-9482

Waste Management - Phoenix Recycling Center

3060 S 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009

+1 602-437-3165

Pyramid Services

17090 S 54th St, Chandler, AZ 85226

 +1 480-941-5800

Concrete recycling near me in Philadelphia

If you have recycled concrete and don't know where to take it, don't worry! Between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm you can take your waste to any of the recycling agencies listed below. One point to note is that the hours may vary depending on the company, so ask them by phone.



Phone Number

WM - Philadelphia Transfer Station

3605 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146

+1 267-908-9742

Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center

3850 W Ford Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19131

+1 215-685-0108

Burns & Co. Waste Recycling Center of Philadelphia, PA

4300 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140

 +1 215-324-6377

M Dunn Recycling & Scrap Metal Philadelphia

3611 Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19136

+1 215-624-2420

Revolution Recovery

7333 Milnor St, Philadelphia, PA 19136

+1 215-333-6505

JJD Recycling

2906 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148

+1 267-687-2463

EMR Philadelphia - Rhino

2942-2950 E Tioga St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

+1 848-220-2734

Sanitation Convenience Center

3901 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19137

+1 215-685-1358

United States Recycling, Inc.

6101 Tacony St, Philadelphia, PA 19135

+1 215-338-5050

EZ Cleanup - Junk Removal Philadelphia

1744 Federal St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

 +1 215-678-2040

Concrete recycling nearest me in Los Angeles

We support the recycling of various materials, so kudos to you if you have recycled concrete and would like to offer it to an agency. Any of these options presented below will work for you because we take care to conduct a thorough search for the best ones.



Phone Number

25th Street Recycling Inc

2121 E 25th St, Los Angeles, CA 90058

+1 818-362-9200

WM - Construction & Demolition Recycling Facility

2424 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021

 +1 213-612-5005

Recycling Center

3300 W Florence Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043


Angeles C&D Public Dump

11401 Pendleton St, Sun Valley, CA 91352

+1 818-799-9680

G & P Recycling Center

1329 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007


CAL E-WASTE RECYCLE LLC | Los Angeles Electronics Recycling Center | Free E-waste Drop-Off

7871 Alabama Ave unit #1, Canoga Park, CA 91304

+1 818-854-6643

eWaste U.S. Electronics Recycling- E-waste Drop off, Hard Drive Destruction

7341 Fulton Ave Unit 15, North Hollywood, CA 91605

+1 818-465-5381

Recycling Inc.


8907 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352

+1 661-456-5995

Temple Recycling Center

3521 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90004

+1 323-664-2096

Concrete recycling near me in Dallas

To conclude with the listings of concrete recycling centers, we will give recommendations to you who live in Dallas. Our selection was based on the sites dedicated to the recycling of concrete and other products in general, where good service is the first feature, and customers endorse and guarantee the effectiveness of their services.



Phone Number

Recycle Revolution

6835 Forest Park Rd, Dallas, TX 75235

+1 214-566-3025

Texas Recycling

1420 Barry Ave, Dallas, TX 75223

+1 214-357-0262

Junk King Dallas


13659 Jupiter Rd Suite 208, Dallas, TX 75238

+1 214-865-6533

CMC Recycling

2215 S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, TX 75226

+1 214-428-2861

Metropolitan services

9440 S Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75241

 +1 469-476-2207

Luna Road Recyclers

10850 Luna Rd, Dallas, TX 75220


CMC Recycling

1729 N Westmoreland Rd, Dallas, TX 75212

+1 214-689-3500

Pratt Industries Recycling

3700 Eagle Pl Dr #800, Dallas, TX 75236

+1 972-296-2900

Most popular Concrete recycling near me in USA

Throughout the nation, different companies are responsible for recycling concrete searching to take a step further in terms of caring for nature. Thus, you may be wondering which are the best companies regarding concrete recycling. That is why we have put together the list of some of the best companies in charge of this process.

Concrete Recycling Inc

concrete recycling inc

Recycling concrete is a practice that is becoming more and more common today, which is why companies like Concrete Recycling Inc organize material assembly sessions. Where old material that no longer works is taken to create new basic minerals for construction.



This recycling business has work plans where old materials are handled with the intention of giving them a second, useful life, thus putting sustainability as the first objective when creating construction materials. Taking a step for the construction of the future, where care for the environment is thought of.

Asphalt & Concrete Recycling

Asphalt & Concrete Recycling is a construction plant in charge of rebuilding concrete materials based on recycled parts. Thus, being a quality option that seeks to promote the reuse of concrete and take a step forward with respect to the recycling of construction materials.

  • 4801 Wible Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93313
  • 6613968695
  • They don't have a website

Bay Area Concrete Recycling

bay area concrete recycling

This contractor is one of the largest concrete recycling companies in the Bay Area of the United States. With the purpose of taking care of the planet using different materials than the toxic ones that are normally used by other companies, thus putting their grain of sand in the fight against construction-based pollution.

Environmentally Conscious Recycling

Environmentally Conscious Recycling

This company located in Oregon has the clear mission to help users with high-risk recycling, including materials such as concrete. This is how they propose different plans for the collection of recycling materials where they will try to give them a second life for the future, thus reducing the footprint that this type of materials can leave.

Eco-Cycle CHaRM: Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials


Eco-Cycle CHaRM: Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials is, as its name suggests, a treatment center for hard-to-recycle materials, being therefore an ideal option for the treatment of concrete in the area where it will be used for the billing of new eco-friendly material.

ARS Sand & Gravel LLC

ars sand & gravel

ARS Sand & Gravel LLC is a construction materials manufacturing company that since 1985 has been participating in the recycling of concrete. Being a private company that also facilitates the possibility of purchasing recycling materials for later materialization.

Florin Perkins Public Disposal Site

florin perkins public disposal site

This is a center in charge of gathering recycling construction materials such as reusable concrete. Thus, different companies can take this material and reuse it for the creation of new concrete formats that can be used in construction.

Industrial Services Inc

Industrial Services Inc is an industrial company characterized by the fact that it seeks that each of its services be made with 100% eco-friendly material. Thus, they are considered one of the most positioned concrete recycling companies, not only in their area but in the entire nation. Since they prioritize environmental safety above all things.

Second Chance Building Materials Center

second chance building materials center

Second Chance Building Materials Center, as its name suggests, is a company focused entirely on the sale of building materials based on recycling. Therefore, this store promotes the recycling of raw materials when carrying out new constructions throughout the United States. Getting a step ahead of other stores when it comes to environmental thinking.

Big City Crushed Concrete

big city creshud concrete

This is one of the largest concrete material recycling centers in all of Texas, with it being a warehouse where large companies work together to create raw material based on recycled concrete. It functions as a purely industrial area where you will see the creation of all kinds of material as long as the base is recycled of course.

A Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc.

a lamp concrete

This contractor is considered to be of high quality given that in many of their works they use recycled construction materials, thus helping nature with the recycling of materials that are considered to be of the same quality as conventional ones.

How many Concrete recycling centers can we find in the United States?

Concrete recycling is a growing trend in the United States as more and more individuals and businesses look for eco-friendly ways to dispose of their waste. Although it is difficult to provide an exact number of concrete recycling facilities in the United States, it is safe to say that there are numerous options available.

Many cities and towns have recycling centers that accept concrete, and there are also private companies that specialize in recycling concrete. These facilities use specialized equipment to break down the concrete into smaller pieces, which can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as road construction, landscaping, and building foundations.

In addition to helping reduce waste, concrete recycling also helps conserve natural resources by reducing the need to produce new concrete. As more people learn about the benefits of concrete recycling, more facilities are likely to pop up across the United States. In this way, numbers indicate that around 140 million tons of concrete are recycled year after year.


In general, there are many doubts regarding the recycling of construction materials, since this is not usually a field where everyone is involved. Thus, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding the donation of concrete for recycling, seeking that anyone with inquiries about the subject can take a step further in the fight against environmental damage.

Is concrete worth recycling?

Concrete is undoubtedly one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. It is strong, durable, and long-lasting. However, with the increasing demand for new construction and infrastructure development, the amount of concrete waste generated has also increased significantly. Recycling concrete is not only environmentally friendly but also a cost-effective solution.

Concrete recycling involves the process of crushing concrete into small pieces and reusing them as aggregates in new concrete or for other applications such as road base, drainage materials, and landscaping. Recycling concrete has numerous benefits: it reduces the amount of waste going to landfills, conserves natural resources, and reduces carbon emissions associated with concrete production.

Additionally, recycled concrete is often cheaper than newly produced concrete, making it an attractive option for construction projects. Furthermore, recycled concrete can have similar or even better quality than newly produced concrete, as long as the recycling process is done correctly. Concrete recycling requires specialized equipment, which can be expensive to acquire and maintain. Additionally, the quality of recycled concrete can vary depending on the source and the recycling process used. In some cases, the cost of transporting and processing the concrete waste may outweigh the benefits of recycling.

How do you recycle concrete?

The concrete recycling process consists of dividing it into smaller pieces, removing the metal or other materials and crushing it to turn it into a reusable material. This material can be used for various purposes, such as a base for road construction and new construction projects or as a substitute for gravel.

To recycle concrete, the first step is to separate any metal or other materials from the concrete. This can be done manually or with the help of a machine. After the metal is removed, the concrete is broken into smaller pieces using a grinding machine. The crushed concrete is then screened to remove any dirt or debris and ensure the material is of uniform size.

The next step in the recycling process is to mix the crushed concrete with other materials to create a new, usable product. This may include adding water, cement, or other materials to the mix to create a strong, durable material that can be used for a variety of purposes. Thus, by following the appropriate steps and using the appropriate equipment, it is possible to recycle concrete efficiently and effectively.

Can cement concrete be recycled?

As with many other materials, there is growing concern about the sustainability and environmental impact of cement concrete. This is where one of the ways to address this problem is born, which is by recycling cement concrete. Recycling of this kind of material consists of breaking down old concrete to make new concrete.

It is a sustainable solution that not only reduces waste, but also helps conserve natural resources. This thanks to a recycling process that consists of crushing the old concrete into small pieces and then using it as aggregate in the new concrete, thus facilitating not only material cost savings, but also reducing landfill waste.

This gives it the possibility to be used for various applications, such as road construction, building foundations and landscaping. Additionally, recycled cement concrete has been proven to be just as durable as new concrete. Thus, it is an important step towards sustainability and the reduction of the environmental impact of the construction industry. Thanks to a cost-effective and practical solution that can help conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

Which types of concrete can be recycled?

Recycling concrete is a good way to reduce your environmental impact and conserve natural resources. However, not all types of concrete can be recycled. In general, concrete containing aggregates such as gravel, sand, and crushed stone can be recycled. This is known as recycled aggregate concrete (CCR).

On the other hand, concrete that contains other materials, such as steel or plastic reinforcement, cannot be recycled. This is because these materials cannot be easily separated from the concrete during the recycling process. Concrete that has been contaminated with other substances, such as oil or chemicals, cannot be recycled either since it could not be reused in any way either.

In conclusion, recycled aggregate concrete is the most widely used type of recycled concrete. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option that can help reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects. However, it is important to ensure that the concrete that is recycled is free from contamination and does not contain other materials that cannot be recycled.